Telecrafter Single Clip Gun


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  • Model: RB2

Only the RB Clip Gun System gives you perfect, error-free installations
into any wooden surface – every time. No staple nicks, no
pinching, no compression, no accidental damage from hammer
blows or kinked staples. The lightweight clip guns are easy to load
and shoot, applying perfectly sized clips that will never deform the
cable or wire, or compromise the signal.
High-density polyethylene clip housings are UV-stabilized for
longest life. Each clip contains two recessed, galvanized nails
to be driven 3/8” into the wooden surface. RB Clips are available
in a variety of colors and cable sizes, with discreetly colored nail
heads that confirm size at a glance. RB Clips can be relied upon
not only for their long lives and holding power, but for their longterm
preservation of the cable’s performance!


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  • Model: RB2