Lithium Battery Tester 18650 18350 26650 Voltage Current Electric Quantity Digital Voltmeter

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  • Model: PZEM-005
  • Manufactured by: ROXDV

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This tester is mainly used to display the battery voltage, battery level, load current, and load resistance.

Note: The discharge resistance is not included 


Battery voltage measurement

  •  Measurement range: 2.8 ~ 26.0V.
  •  Resolution: 0.1V.
  •  Measurement accuracy: 2%.

Battery level measurement

Battery level has a total of five levels. 

At full level it displays 5 grids, at 4/5 level it displays 4 grids,at 3/5 level it displays 3 grids, at 2/5 level it displays 2 grids,at 1/5 level it displays 1 grid,when comes the battery cut-off voltage it will display format 0 (only display battery frame).

The voltage is measured by full battery level, and the battery cut-off voltage is set to zero level.

The battery cut-off voltage can be set, the range is 2.8 ~ 26.0V, but not more than the full-scale voltage.

The full-scale voltage of the battery can be set, the range is 2.8V ~ 30.0V, but not less than the cut-off voltage.

Load current measurement

Measurement range:  0.1--10.0A

Resolution:  0.1A

Measurement accuracy:  2%

Load Resistance Measurement

Measurement range:  0--999Ω,display “oL”when it is greater than 999Ω


  • When the resistance is less than 10Ω, the resolution is 0.01Ω,
  • when the resistance is greater or equal 10Ω but less than 100Ω,the resolution is 0.1Ω,
  • when the resistance is greater or equal 100Ω but less than 1000Ω, the resolution is 1Ω.

Measurement accuracy:  2%

Backlight control

 The defaults backlight is off, control the backlight turn on or off by the key when power on,


Operating instruction

Battery Cut-off voltage and full-scale voltage settings

 Step 1: Long press the button for 3 seconds to enter the battery cut-off voltage and full-scale voltage setting mode 

 Step 2: After entering the setting mode, it flashes current battery cut-off voltage, use the zero battery level symbol to indicate its cut-off voltage, then you can short press the button to do the adding on adjustment, or long press the button to do a quick adding on adjustment

Step 3: When there is no operation more than three seconds, it automatically enter into the full-scale voltage setting mode

 Step 4: After entering this mode, it flashes the current full battery level voltage, use the full battery level symbol to adjust the full-scale voltage settings; setting method is as same as the cut-off voltage

Step 5: When there is no button operation more than three seconds, it will automatically save, if there is no error after saving then it will quit automatically, if the value is incorrect or save incorrectly, it will display Err SAu 1 second, and exit.


Other notes

 Lithium battery is powered through LDO, the power supply voltage should greater than 2.8V.

 Working temperature   -10 °C--- +40°C

Package contents:

 1x Digital Lithium battery tester,  the discharge resistor is not included

Item specifics

  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Model Number: PZEM-005
  • Power Supply: DC
  • Display Type: Digital Only
  • Accuracy Class: see the description
  • Operating Temperature: common temperature
  • Measuring Range: 2.8-30V/0-10A

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