RS 232 Straight Cable DB9 F-F 6FT

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  • Model: RS232-DB9FF
  • Manufactured by: ROXDV


RS-232 SERIAL CABLE DB9 F-F, for computer to receiver

 Length: 6 ft
 Connectors: 2x DB9-Female
 Conductors: 28 Awg (7/0.12)


 Contacts: Gold Flash 1u" min.
 Shell: Tin-Plated
 Wire Insulation: PVC
 Foil Sheild: Aluminum Mylar
 Jacket: PVC
 Insulator Material: Polyester Resin & Glass Fiber Reinforced (UL94V--0)

 Current Rating: 1 Amp
 Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 500V (for 1 minute)
 Insulation Resistance: 1000MOhms Min. @ 500V DC
 Contact Resistance: 15MOhms Max. Mated
 Working Temperature: -55 deg. C to 105 deg. C

Safety: UL94V--0


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Pin No. Name Dir Notes/Description
1 DCD IN Data Carrier Detect. Raised by DCE when modem synchronized.
2 RD IN Receive Data (a.k.a RxD, Rx). Arriving data from DCE.
3 TD OUT Transmit Data (a.k.a TxD, Tx). Sending data from DTE.
4 DTR OUT Data Terminal Ready. Raised by DTE when powered on. In auto-answer mode raised only when RI arrives from DCE.
5 SGND - Ground
6 DSR IN Data Set Ready. Raised by DCE to indicate ready.
7 RTS OUT Request To Send. Raised by DTE when it wishes to send. Expects CTS from DCE.
8 CTS IN Clear To Send. Raised by DCE in response to RTS from DTE.
9 RI IN Ring Indicator. Set when incoming ring detected - used for auto-answer application. DTE raised DTR to answer.


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  • Model: RS232-DB9FF
  • Manufactured by: ROXDV

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