50x RG59 Coax Compression Connectors


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  • Model: PV59-PV
  • Manufactured by: Perfect Vision

50x in a bag


PV59-PV Application:
This connector fits any standard non-plenum RG-59 75 Ohm single-foil wrap coax cable

Designed for CATV, DSS and broadband installations. Compatible with all application frequencies

Engineered from precision machined copper alloy, UV protected POM, PVC and rubber (”O” ring).

Mil spec bright nickel plating on all metal parts.

The ANYTOOL™ design works with
ANY standard compression tool.

Electrical and General Specifications:
Bandwidth - 2 Mhz to 3 Ghz
Impedance - 75 Ohms nominal
Shielding Effectiveness - better than -90dB

Tested and Certified -
Passed: SCTE - 103-2004 (DC contact resistance)
Passed: ANSI/SCTE 60-2004 (Moisture Migration test)
Passed: ASTM-B117-03 (Salt Spray test)
Passed: ANSI/SCTE-99-2004 (Axial Pull test)
Passed: SCTE-98-2004 (Tightening Torque)
Passed: SCTE-73-2002 (Coaxial Insertion Force)
Passed: SCTE-48-3-2004 (Shielding Effectiveness)
Passed: ANSI/SCTE-04-1997 (F Connector Return Loss)
Passed: SBCA standards of Physical Dimension Tolerance

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  • Model: PV59-PV
  • Manufactured by: Perfect Vision

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